50 Hilarious Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

December 8, 2023 |
pranks to do on your boyfriend
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We’ve put together a list of 50 hilarious pranks that are guaranteed to make your guy laugh (and maybe even get a little annoyed), so if you’re searching for some pranks to do on your boyfriend, keep reading. These practical jokes range from simple to slightly more complex, from the traditional ‘fake spider in the bed’ to more complex ones like staging a mock murder scene.

It’s crucial to take into account your boyfriend’s emotional state and refrain from pushing him too far. Keep in mind that having fun is the main objective, not offending someone or destroying your relationship. In view of that, let’s get ready to play some funny practical jokes on your partner that are sure to make him chuckle (and possibly plot retaliation).

50 Pranks To Play On Your Partner — Annoy Your Boyfriend, With Love

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Pranking your boyfriend can be a fun way to inject some humor and excitement into your relationship. Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or just to have a good laugh, there are plenty of hilarious pranks that you can pull on your significant other. From harmless tricks to more elaborate schemes, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 funny couple pranks to pull on your boyfriend that are sure to make him laugh or scream. Pick a few of these hilarious prank ideas, and let the games begin.

10 Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text
Did you know you can pull on plenty of tricks to fool your boyfriend over text messages?

A fun method to keep the relationship interesting and fresh is to play pranks on your lover via text messages. A well-executed prank will add some spicy humor to your regular chats, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to liven things up. You can also take it up a notch and try some dirty text pranks of your choice. These are 10 lighthearted practical jokes and pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text. Just keep in mind to be prepared for reprisals!

1. The autocorrect prank

Change some common words in your messages to autocorrect to silly or embarrassing ones. It’ll leave him utterly confused. For example, change “hello” to “banana” or “I love you” to “I love giraffes.” Definitely one of the good pranks to do on your boyfriend when you’re just getting started.

2. Only GIFs

Wondering how to trick your boyfriend over text? The idea is to keep sending him GIFs instead of texts to annoy him. Convey everything you want in GIFs, exclusively, and watch him get irritated. Send him the same one to double the fun. My ex used to do that and it’s cute and annoying at the same time.

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3. The screenshot prank

Take screenshots of a fake conversation with someone else and send it to your boyfriend. Pretend it’s a real conversation and see how long it takes him to realize it’s a prank.

4. The wrong number prank

Change your name on his phone to one of his friend’s. Text him a long paragraph so he doesn’t scroll up too much, and keep the conversation going. See how long it takes him to realize he’s not actually talking to his buddy. You can even record his reaction and send it to that friend.

5. The self-destructing message prank

Send your boyfriend a message with a self-destruct timer (like Snapchat) that’ll go away in a few moments and watch as he tries to figure out what it means. Or make WhatsApp the new pranking app by using ‘delete for everyone.’ Also, with the new WhatsApp feature that allows you to edit messages, this might be the best text message prank on boyfriend.

6. The mysterious message prank

Send your boyfriend a cryptic message that doesn’t make sense and leave him utterly confused. Let him try to decipher it. You can keep the prank going for as long as you like, and then reveal the answer. 

7. The emoji overload prank

Easily one of the most harmless pranks ever! Trying to think of some cute pranks to pull on your boyfriend? Then send him a message filled with dozens of random emojis and see how he responds. You can even create a story out of them. It could also be a piece of information you’re supposed to tell him, but the prankster that you are, you’ll be doing it through emojis.

8. One of the good pranks to do on your boyfriend is the fake news prank

Send him a fake news article about something outrageous or unbelievable and see if he falls for it. In our list of pranks, this one might even lead to discussions on media, politics, and the global state of affairs.

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9. The ghosting prank

Here’s a classic prank for long-distance boyfriends. Stop responding to your partner’s messages abruptly and ghost him for several hours. Then, start texting him again like nothing happened and see how he reacts.  

10. The “I’m in trouble” prank

Easy pranks in 5 minutes, you ask? Send him a voice message that sounds like you’re upset or in trouble, but when he calls back, pretend like nothing happened. He will love (or hate) your not-so-innocent pranks!

10 Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend Long-Distance

good pranks to do on your boyfriend
Sending a fake gift can be a sneaky way of pranking your boyfriend in long-distance

Although being in a long-distance relationship can be difficult, you can still keep things interesting. In fact, distance and technology can be used to your advantage, making this a particularly good scenario for creative pranking. Before trying any of these, though, make sure your partner is a good sport and has a sense of humor that is uniquely required for this list. 

Here are 10 long-distance practical jokes you may pull on your lover to surprise and amuse him. Time to pull off some squishy dare ideas and funny pranks on your boyfriend – Prepare yourself for some laughs!

1. The time zone prank

The time zone pranks top the list of funny pranks on boyfriends everywhere. Send him a message saying that you’ve finally arrived at his city and you’re excited to meet up. Play along for a bit before telling him that it was just a joke. 

2. The fake visitor prank

Pretend that a mutual friend is visiting your partner’s city and that they’re planning to surprise him. Keep up the joke until he realizes that it’s just one of your funny couple pranks.

3. The long-distance date prank 

Looking for not-so-cute pranks to pull on your boyfriend? Plan a long-distance date with him, someplace your boyfriend likes, but instead of showing up, send him a photo of you at home with the caption: Just kidding. Ignoring his calls for a few minutes after that will be a chef’s kiss. He’ll definitely cancel future plans with you!

4. The accent prank

Thinking of pulling some funny pranks on boyfriend that require just your voice? Call your boyfriend using a fake accent and see how long it takes him to realize that it’s you. Use your best friend (and their spare phone) to accompany you here. This is one of the best harmless pranks to do on your boyfriend long-distance.

5. The fake phone call prank

Now this is one of those pranks to do on your boyfriend for YouTube views. Pretend that someone is calling you while you’re on the phone with your partner, and make up a funny conversation that he can hear. Ask uncomfortable questions to make it funnier. And of course, you can give this a crazy spin by turning it into a cheating on boyfriend prank.

6. The ‘missing you’ prank 

Tell your boyfriend that you’re feeling really homesick and miss him terribly. But then reveal that you were just messing with him by sending a photo of you all glammed up, ready to go to a party with friends. Ouch.

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7. The language barrier prank 

There are many funny pranks to play on your partner in long-distance relationships especially if you’re wondering how to trick your boyfriend over text. Pretend that you’re struggling to understand your boyfriend’s words, even though you’re both fluent in the same language. “I can’t understand you.” “I’ve no idea what you’re saying.” “What does ‘bad network’ mean?”

8. The unexpected package prank

If you have a YouTube channel, you might be looking for pranks to do on your boyfriend for YouTube views. Send your boyfriend a package with a note that says “Open immediately!” but then fill it with something unexpected, like a weird cushion. He’ll do some crazy cushion inspection before realizing it’s a prank. 

On the other hand, you can actually send him a funny gift or maybe something he really wants and then pretend that it was delivered to the wrong house and a stranger has received his package. Or send the thing he wants directly to him, but then pretend that it was actually for your friend, so “Can you please return it?”

9. The fake voice message prank

Leave a fake voicemail message for your boyfriend, pretending to be someone else. Use a friend’s phone for this. See how long it takes for him to guess who it is before you reveal your true identity. You can also try asking for a huge sum of money. It’ll be funnier if you could get on a call with him for a legitimate-sounding reason, and hear him talk about the mysterious voicemail.

10. The fake video call boyfriend prank 

This one depends on a good internet connection. Easily one of the best April Fool’s pranks for long-distance relationships, you can never go wrong with it. Pretend that your internet connection is terrible, causing your video calls with your boyfriend to freeze and stutter (when it’s actually you who’s glitching in real life). Mock eye rolls and laughter guaranteed.

10 April Fool’s Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend 

April 1 is a day for mischief and fun, and what better way to celebrate than by pranking your boyfriend? Whether you’re a seasoned prankster or new to the game, there are plenty of April Fool’s pranks to do on your boyfriend and make him laugh (or gasp) with a well-executed trick.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that your harmless pranks don’t cause any damage so much so that you can’t even fix the relationship. With that in mind, here are ten April Fool’s Day pranks that you can use to surprise and delight your boyfriend. 

cute pranks to pull on your boyfriend
Try out some super fun pranks on your guy on April Fool’s day

1. The toothpaste prank is one of the best pranks to play on your partner

Replace your boyfriend’s toothpaste with cream cheese or another food paste. Watch his reaction when he realizes that his toothpaste tastes different. Or you can try out the self-explanatory chocolate-covered onion prank on him – another classic.

2. The fake mouse/lizard/spider prank

Wondering how to scare your boyfriend? Place a fake insect/bug/small animal in your boyfriend’s bed or in a drawer. Watch his reaction when he finds it. Who says boys can’t scream bloody murder?

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3. The spilled drink prank

“Spill” fizzy drinks or soy sauce on your boyfriend’s favorite shirt or pants by using a small amount of water. Bonus points if it’s something he loves. Watch his reaction when he thinks he’s ruined his clothes.

4. The lottery ticket prank

Now this is one of the classic April Fool’s pranks to do on your boyfriend. Give your boyfriend a fake lottery ticket and watch his reaction when he thinks he’s won big. Brutal.

5. The parking ticket prank

Print out a fake parking ticket and put it on your boyfriend’s car. Watch his reaction when he thinks he has to pay a fine.

6. The pregnancy test prank 

Pregnancy prank on boyfriend? Cruel or hilarious, depending on the context. Leave a fake positive pregnancy test in the bathroom or somewhere he’ll see it. Pretend that you have already told his whole family and he should too start preparing for fatherhood. Watch his reaction when he thinks he’s going to be a father.

7. The balloon avalanche prank

Tape a large trash bag filled with balloons to his bedroom door frame. When he opens the door in the morning, he’ll be greeted by a shower of balloons.

8. The broken remote prank

Cover the sensor on your boyfriend’s remote control with a piece of tape or something else that blocks it. Watch his frustration when he thinks the remote is broken.

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9. The fake breakup prank

Pretend to break up with your boyfriend and make him wonder about his big mistake. You can tell him that you’re not into long-term relationships to make it more fun. You can also pretend that you have started dating someone new already. Watch his relief when he realizes you’re still together. Don’t drag this on for more than a few minutes!

10. The spider web prank

Stretch some fake spider web over your boyfriend’s bed or in the doorway. Watch his reaction when he walks right into it.

10 Best Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend At Home

Playing pranks on your boyfriend can be a fun way to bring some laughter and lightheartedness into your relationship. And when you’re both at home, you have plenty of opportunities to get creative with your tricks. From classic pranks to more elaborate schemes, there are countless ways to entertain your partner. Check out this list of pranks and get ready for some good times.

1. The inverted room prank

Looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend at home to pull his leg? Carefully flip a few objects in the room, like picture frames on a table or books on a shelf, upside down while he’s gone. He’ll be stumped when he gets back.

BoyFriend Stories

2. The shampoo switch is one of the best pranks to play on your boyfriend at home

Replace your boyfriend’s shampoo with a similar-looking but different-scented shampoo. Watch his reaction when he realizes his hair smells different. This is applicable to those people who are particular about the products they use.

3. The water balloon prank

Wait for your partner to go to the balcony in the morning, stretch, and welcome the day. Perfect time to throw a water balloon on him. Watch his reaction when he gets a surprise soaking.

4. The ‘post-it note everywhere’ prank

Cover your boyfriend’s entire room with post-it notes to surprise him. Write silly messages on them or draw funny pictures. Pretend to look horrified when he calls you into the room.

5. Saran wrap on the toilet seat prank

Cover the toilet seat with saran wrap, so that it’s not visible. Watch his reaction when he realizes what’s happened. You can also try scotch tape. 

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6. The ‘food dye in the milk’ prank

Add a few drops of food dye to your boyfriend’s milk so that it changes color. Watch his reaction when he sees his breakfast.

7. The ‘air horn under the cushion’ prank

Place an air horn under your boyfriend’s chair cushion, so that it goes off when he sits down. Watch his reaction when he jumps.

8. Bug in the water prank

Cut out a picture of a bug and tape it to the bottom of a clear water bottle. Watch his reaction when he thinks there’s a bug in his water.

9. The photo swapping prank

Now this is easily one of the best pranks to play on your boyfriend at home. Replace a few of the pictures in the frames all over the house with absurd or silly ones. See how he reacts, while you act like nothing’s changed.

10. The invisible ink prank

Write a message on your boyfriend’s mirror with invisible ink. Watch his reaction when he thinks his mirror is fogged up, and then reveal the message with a hairdryer or another heat source.

10 Naughty Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, it’s fun to add a little bit of naughtiness to kill boredom in your relationship by pulling off some cheeky pranks on your partner. Let’s add some playful mischief to your dynamic and keep things spicy between you two.

 tiktok pranks to do on your boyfriend
Surprising him with a puppy that’s actually not yours is a fun boyfriend prank idea

1. Wrong day for a birthday

Get ready for some birthday surprise prank ideas! Go online and update his Facebook and Twitter birthdays to April 1. With all the birthday wishes coming in non-stop, he’ll be bewildered. Even better, go out to eat with him and let the restaurant know it’s his birthday. He will be even more perplexed when they offer a cake.

2. Make him shiver

There’s no end to shower pranks on boyfriend. Turn off the geyser if he plans to take a warm shower in the morning. When he turns on the shower, cold water will immediately hit him, causing him to jump up and down. Or maybe you can jump in to ‘murder’ him like Fleabag did in the hit series.

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3. The ‘ruin his Oreo’ prank

Time for some shaving cream prank ideas! A food prank is priceless. If your partner enjoys Oreos, try substituting toothpaste for the cream filling. Although mashed potatoes are an option, shaving cream or toothpaste are always preferable.

4. The ringtone prank

Change your boyfriend’s ringtone to something extremely annoying as one of the tried-and-true methods in the pranking literature. You could either find something funny that will put him in an unpleasant situation in public or record a custom tone.

5. The fake cheating prank

Want to make your man jealous for a day? Make up a story about snapping photos and sending them to a guy. He will start to doubt you because of the constant text pings. You’ll need someone to text you constantly, so get a pal (or two) to assist you. In order to prevent your partner from discovering your prank on him, be sure to change that friend’s name on your phone.

6. The safe toiletries prank

Cover all his toiletries with wraps before he takes a bath. Make sure to cover the lids as well so he can’t open anything when his hands are wet. Tell him, “What? I’m just keeping them safe and cozy.”

7. The ‘time to talk’ prank

When your significant other says “We need to talk,” you could become apprehensive since you have no idea what they might be thinking about. Why not ask your partner a pointless question when it’s finally time for a conversation? E.g., he waits for you to have the ‘talk’ with him, and when you meet after a couple of hours, you ask him: “Would you still love me if I were a caterpillar?”

8. “We now have a puppy” prank

 Bring home an adorable kitten or puppy that your friend or you is fostering, and inform your boyfriend that you have adopted a pet. You’ll observe his kawaii side.

9. The hickey trick

Now this is one of those naughty TikTok pranks to do on your boyfriend. Use some makeup to imitate a hickey on your neck and proceed to move around the house normally. Avoid the conversation when he confronts you about it. Watch his reaction.

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10. Toilet paper roll emergency

Another one of those naughty TikTok pranks to do on your boyfriend. You’d have to trick your partner into taking laxatives while keeping him from realizing it. It will be quite the scene to watch him dash to the loo every five minutes. Don’t do it when he has work or other engagements!

Key Pointers

  • Keep it light-hearted. The key to a successful prank is to make sure that it’s harmless and not hurtful. Avoid pranks that could cause physical or emotional harm to your boyfriend or damage to your relationship
  • Make sure that he is open to this type of humor or that he has a good sense of humor generally. Avoid pranks that might be too personal or that your boyfriend might not find funny
  • Choose the right time and place to pull off the prank. Avoid pranks that could be dangerous or disruptive, especially in public places
  • The best pranks are the ones that are original and creative. Think outside the box and come up with unique and unexpected ways to prank your boyfriend
  • If your boyfriend seems uncomfortable or upset, it’s important to stop the prank immediately. Don’t push the joke too far or risk causing damage to your relationship

Playing pranks on your boyfriend can be a really fun and exciting way to spice up your relationship. There’s no reason you can’t be inventive and have a good laugh with each other when there are so many amusing practical jokes to pick from. Just make sure you and your partner are having fun. The most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company, whether you’re planning a straightforward trick or a more complex one. 

Go ahead, try out a few of these practical jokes. You never know, you might find a new favorite method to connect with your guy. 

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