How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You – 11 Tried And Tested Tips

December 20, 2023 |
how to make your ex regret leaving you
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In the relationship game of thrones, there is nothing worse than being dumped, and the thought of how to make your ex regret leaving you remains foremost in your mind. And who can blame you for these feelings? Maybe, ethically, revenge isn’t right but it is completely natural to think of ways to make your ex regret leaving you, given your intense emotional investment in the relationship. 

In a survey conducted by a dating website, where 1,400 men participated, 76.5% of men admitted to regret dumping their partner within 60 days post-breakup and 73% admitted they will go back to their ex if given a chance. So, yes, breakup regret is common and your ex could be made to regret breaking up with you. But take care of your dignity, don’t get hurt again, and don’t do something that drives them further away from you.  

How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You – 11 Tried And Tested Tips

Is this a ‘win ex back’ plan, or just a way to make your ex regret losing you? Be very clear about your objective. Are you sure you are willing to accept them if they come back begging or crawling? Or do you just want a kick out of watching them feel like a fool for letting a person like you go? Recognizing the intensity of your own emotions and the lengths to which you are willing to go is important. 

Remember that you can make your ex regret hurting you and want you back only when you are in an empowered state. So make yourself the focus even if your target is your former partner. Here are some great methods toward that end.

1. Get over the emotional lows 

The first step is to ensure that you are emotionally stable. Of course, it is never easy to get over a meaningful relationship. But if your ultimate goal is to see that your ex regrets breaking up with you and wants you back, you have to remain strong. 

  • Give yourself enough time to mourn because when you are taking the next steps, you need to be in your best shape, physically and emotionally 
  • Seek therapy and the help of friends and close family members if needed
  • Make sure that you are over the worst phase of the breakup and can think with clarity  
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2. How to make your ex regret leaving you – Get out of sight for a while 

In the initial aftermath of being dumped, it’s best to keep a low profile. Don’t ever disappear completely (read the remaining points to know why) but create a mystery around you while you grieve over them. 

For instance, if you want to make your ex-girlfriend regret leaving you or your ex-boyfriend repent his actions, make yourself invisible for a bit and increase their natural curiosity. Do this while you are working on yourself and getting a transformation that, when revealed, will blow their mind and make your ex regret losing you. It may even prompt an effort to patch up.  

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3. Hit social media with a vengeance 

This is your time to up your social media game. Unfortunately, social media is all about perception and to win the perception war, you need to be active on your socials. Essentially, use Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to document the great life you lead.

  • Post pictures of yourself with your friends having a gala time
  • Pose in your new outfits and write engaging and happy captions without referencing your breakup
  • Pique their curiosity by giving just enough details about your activities. Make them want more information

4. Never contact your ex 

One sureshot way to make your ex regret losing you is by ensuring they feel your absence. You will never make your ex-boyfriend regret leaving you for someone else if he does not miss you. Same with an ex-girlfriend. Establish a no-contact rule and give them the chance to feel your absence by not engaging with them in any form. Keep them guessing, let them wonder how you are coping. Do not unfollow or block them – that would be detrimental to the plan!  

Continue to remain MIA in their life but remain somewhere on their radar. So, make yourself overtly visible to common friends and people in your network and go about your life as if nothing has gone wrong, while remaining unavailable for a chat or meetup. 

5. Get a revenge body or a makeover 

A ‘revenge body’ is one of the most effective ways to get over an ex. Hit the gym with a vengeance and look hotter and sexier than ever before. Focus on your positive side. Surprise your ex with your smarter and sassier physical appearance so that they know what they’re missing out on. 

  • Get a new wardrobe, invest in a good salon, wear brighter colors
  • How to get revenge on your ex? Work toward being in your best shape – it also boosts your self-confidence 
  • Give yourself a goal on how you want to look. Perhaps your ex liked short hair, so now is your chance to chop your locks and get some bangs – only if you like them too, of course 

6. Never badmouth them 

This is one of the surprising ways to make your ex regret leaving you. This is a valuable lesson: Control the temptation to badmouth or speak ill of your ex even if they have walked all over your vulnerable heart. Instead of constantly worrying about how to make your ex regret leaving you, plan to hit back in a way that gets the world on your side.

Outsiders need not know what went wrong between the two of you. Keeping your silence is a great way to win sympathy from common friends. Even if you are dating someone new, do not offer any explanation. Also, if you’re a guy, your value as a decent and dignified man, who does not speak ill of women, will go up.

7. Keep calm when you see them 

In this battle, perception is reality. So you have to maintain the façade of being unaffected even if your pillows are soaked with tears every morning with memories of the times you spent with your love and the pain of being dumped for someone else. 

  • Keep calm if you bump into each other at a social gathering 
  • Don’t appear agitated or too happy when you see them. Instead, give them the cold shoulder
  • Let them know you are over them (even if you are not) and keep your head held high

8. Hint that there is someone else in your life 

We are not suggesting you jump into the dating ring on the rebound, but a bit of casual dating with a lot of self-awareness is one of the more effective ways to make your ex regret losing you. 

For instance, try going out on a date with someone who has had an eye on you for a while. Post a picture on social media in a way you are sure your ex will see it. Reality will hit them hard on seeing someone else enjoy your company, and there is every chance they might question the decision to leave you for someone else. 

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9. Focus on career success 

Often, love can take over your life and your ambitions about career and financial goals might go off-track. If you have compromised your professional life for your relationship, now is the time to focus single-mindedly on rising in your career. 

Professional success adds oodles of confidence, which is always a great quality that attracts new love into your life and makes an old flame rethink the breakup. It will be even more impactful if your ex left you for someone else who may not be as successful as you are.


10. Lead the happy single life 

Sure, you may be missing the good times you had with your former partner but let’s admit it, there were also the bad times – the fights, the stress, the jealousies. Now that they are out of your life, you can fully focus on becoming the best version of yourself. 

  • Go ahead, do all those things alone that you missed doing while you were in a relationship 
  • Travel alone, meet new people, join a fun class, and give your personality a new dimension
  • Expand your social circle. It will make your ex see how joyful you are without them

11. Maintain good relations with their friends or family 

This is a tough act. Often, when a couple breaks up, so does their circle of friends as most people find it difficult to choose between the two of you. Just make sure that you do not lose touch with people close to your ex like colleagues or family. 

To know how to make your ex regret leaving you, you need to remember that there are people on your side who will carry information about your happy life back to your former flame. Being on good terms with their friends and family is one of the tips on how to make your ex regret leaving you.  

How Do You Know If Your Ex Regrets Leaving You?

In 2015, a large study of adults of all ages, including gay men and women, involved 5,705 participants in 96 countries. There was a marked difference among genders in terms of the healing process and long-term impact. Women, though affected more in the short term, tended to reflect and move on eventually. Men tended to remain much more regretful and often mentioned a past partner as the best they ever had.

Breakup regret is clearly common. But while you may work hard on getting your love back into your life or at least making sure that they regret leaving you for someone else, there is something you should never do – go after them if they are not interested. 

If, after all of the above efforts, your ex gives no indication that she or he regrets losing you, it is time to well and truly move on. However, if you play your cards right, there is a huge chance that you may win your ex back. But how do you tell? Here are 5 signs that your ex regrets hurting you: 

1. They engage with you on social media 

If your ex still has positive feelings toward you, then they would not unfriend or unfollow you. If your ex has even a remote interest in getting back together with you, then they would try to convey the message, subtly, through their social media activity. Liking or commenting or sharing your post is their way of saying “no hard feelings.”

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2. They will attempt to stay in touch 

You will be on their radar or they will ensure they are on yours. Be it casually bumping into you while you are happily hanging out with your pals or sending you inspirational words of encouragement messages or festival greetings (ostensibly as forwards), they will not completely cut off ties with you. It may not be because they regret breaking up with you and want you back but it could be the first step toward reconciliation. 

3. They will enquire about you 

If not directly, at least indirectly, they will want to know what’s happening in your life. More so, if you have followed the above-mentioned steps and piqued their curiosity about your sassier, more confident and successful self. If they have been making inquiries discreetly through common friends, understand that your ex regrets breaking up with you and they may be open to giving it another shot. 

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4. They share past memories with you

If you are on talking terms with your ex, they may talk about the past or randomly share a Facebook memory of the two of you from two years ago. It’s definitely a huge sign that your ex regrets losing you and is pining over you. 

5. They try to make you jealous 

Let’s say you have been casually dating someone after your breakup and make no bones about your new liaison. If your ex has some feelings for you, they will seethe in jealousy. A study conducted on 509 women and 338 men, published in Frontiers of Psychology, suggests that single people reported higher levels of jealousy with their previous partners than people in relationships reported with their current partners.

A breakup is tough to handle and the temptation to get back with the one you lost is often intense. However, while it is not impossible to win back your lost love, make sure that you are not the second choice for anyone. 

Key Pointers

  • It is natural to want your ex regret leaving you for someone else, but act responsibly and don’t get hurt again
  • Getting a makeover, staying on their radar without contacting them, developing new skills, and boosting your self-confidence are sureshot ways to attract their attention and have them question their decision to leave you
  • Do not cut off ties with them as it makes you seem childish and immature. It’ll also make them wonder how you’re coping so well
  • Keep track of their social media engagement with you or their conversations with common friends – this may give you an indicator that your ex regrets leaving you

Dating on the rebound, going too far to seek your ex’s attention, and taking measures that make you seem desperate should be avoided. Ultimately, you deserve the best relationship and a sincere partner. So, don’t let ego be the reason when you chalk up a plan on how to make your ex regret leaving you.  


1. Can an ex regret leaving you?

Certainly. An ex can regret leaving you especially if their current relationship is not going well. When they see that the person they left behind is successful, smart, and happy, they may develop deep regrets about leaving them.

2. What makes an ex regret losing you?

Problems in their new relationships, guilt about dumping their former partner, and watching their ex be successful, charming, happy, and confidence are some of the factors that make an ex regret losing their love. 

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