7 Cheating Spouse Text Message Codes

December 26, 2023 |
cheating spouse text message codes
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Infidelity is usually discovered at a later stage because of one simple reason – cheaters are adept at covering their tracks. Lipstick marks and stray hair on shirts are Hollywood occurrences only. We need something more foolproof like cheating spouse text message codes to confirm the hunch you have. But hey, allow us to state on the record that going through your better half’s phone is a big no-no. It is a breach of their privacy and you always have the option of talking to them directly. 

But if you find yourself in a ‘desperate times call for desperate measure’ kind of situation – when things are really looking bleak and you just can’t shake off the feeling that there’s someone else in your marriage – an examination of their texts may be the only recourse available to you.

You will be utterly shocked to discover to what extent some married people may go to communicate with the person they are having an affair with and hide the trails in such sneaky, sneaky ways! From decoy apps for cheaters to texting cheat codes, it’s an enigmatic world full of mystery. Madeline is concerned, “Even though I could get a glimpse of his inbox, deciphering the short code texting for cheating was beyond my Gen X brain’s capacity. I am desperate for some assistance on tech clues that can help find cheating husband.”

If so, it may help your cause to be on the lookout for these phrases cheaters use. You can confront them with some sort of evidence at least. Keep calm and scroll down to find out whether your spouse is being disloyal to you. They think they’ve gotten away with it for so long, but Bonobology is the decoder nobody saw coming!

How Do Cheaters Secretly Communicate?

Nine times out of ten, cheaters rely on covert mediums of communication. This can mean cheating spouse text message codes or decoy apps for cheaters. Viber, Signal, Snapchat, or any other app with a disappearing messages feature is the go-to for an unfaithful partner. There is no incriminating trail of texts that can get them in trouble. Moreover, one-time photos also enable them to sext without worrying.

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But it seems like many cheating husbands and wives stick to mainstream apps like WhatsApp. This app doesn’t raise any suspicions because it’s super common and they can text in peace with the help of codes. They have even introduced a disappearing chat feature with minimum longevity of 24 hours and maximum duration of 90 days. That means you have got to play extra sly to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp.

If only there was a more efficient way to find more conclusive evidence of infidelity. Turns out there is. If you have a monitoring app like eyeZy in your corner, you won’t have to work hard to catch them. That’s because eyeZy captures all the conversations they’re having on their phone and sends it to your eyeZy account. You can confront your partner with irrefutable proof.

eyeZy app to catch a cheating partner
eyeZy app

When you try to catch a cheating spouse with text messages, you’ll be surprised to know that they’re very different than what you anticipated. Gone are the days of people texting elaborate paragraphs to their (second) beau. Predictive text cheating is more likely to be monosyllabic and short. A sample text would read like this: “DTF now”.

Wait a second, did I just lose you at DTF and the possibility of your husband using more such code words for cheating? But if you read on, it will open your eyes to all the sneaky ways cheaters exploit to outwit their spouses. We’ve compiled a list of the cheating spouse text message codes in circulation right now. Once you garner a working understanding of these phrases cheaters use, your spouse will not be able to make a fool of you. Let’s update our lingo and answer an important question – how do cheaters communicate on text?

Is My Partner Cheating On Me?

7 Cheating Spouse Text Message Codes

Online affairs are becoming increasingly common and it’s not that difficult to cheat in our tech-savvy world. Countless people meet hookup buddies on the internet and carry things forward in the real world. But do you know what this means? With this prevalence of infidelity, it has become equally easy to spot the signs of an extramarital affair through cheating spouse text message codes.

This list contains the top 7 phrases cheaters use these days. Going through these will be an emotionally challenging exercise because you might realize something unpleasant along the way. So much so that you might regret learning to crack these code words for cheating. Just a few seconds ago, the world was a happier place even with the doubts and a question mark on the sanctity of your relationship.

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Now that these texting cheat codes transformed those nightmares into reality, all hell might break loose. Calm your nerves and invoke your inner detective. You can do this – your fears will be put to rest or your suspicions confirmed. We are with you every step of the way. Here’s presenting the predictive text cheating codes from the handbook of a disloyal spouse. 

1. DTF 

Of all the phrases cheaters use, this is the most common. DTF or Down To F*ck is a staple of a cheating spouse. It’s a self-explanatory term that gives a short message – I’m available for a casual, sexual relationship. Nine times out of ten, DTF is used in reference to one-night-stands or a no-strings-attached relationship. You are likely to find it on a dating app too.

If you’ve spotted the insidious DTF in your partner’s inbox, they’re kinda sorta almost definitely cheating on you. DTF is one of those cheating spouse text message codes that indicate availability. Be sure to read the texts above and below for a clearer picture. Setting the time and location usually follows a DTF message.

Brenda was highly suspicious of Adam’s shady behavior in the last couple of months. She knew something was up as he was avoiding eye contact or any counter-question about where he vanished for hours almost every other day. The first chance she got to unlock his phone, the number of decoy apps for cheaters on the device left her at a loss. However, he missed deleting the chats on one of them and the DTF location led her to catch him in the act!

(PS: DTF can also be a question for the person on the other end. Are they available to hook up? Is this a good time to sext? But here too, the implication is clear – your spouse is willing to meet them.)

text message lies that cheaters say
Is your spouse cheating on you over the phone?

2. IRL

When an online conversation escalates, the cheater will want to continue things IRL (In Real Life). This transition from reel to real spells trouble for your relationship. IRL is a unique code that can be used in two contexts. Firstly, for casual dating or flings. And secondly, for a full-fledged liaison that has more to it than just sex. When a person wants to move things offline, it’s usually an indicator of a discreet affair.

But be warned that IRL is used in non-cheating connotations too. Don’t pounce on your spouse with allegations just because you saw them text IRL. My friend Lisa’s (name changed to hide identity) wife was once talking to a friend about some fantasy video game and she used this term in the chat. Lisa being Lisa, took it for a short code texting for cheating and said unspeakable things to her out of fury.

Soon enough, she realized she had messed up. Over time, they managed to get past this incident. But the fact that Lisa had such little trust in her wife shook the rock-solid foundation of their marriage. So, please don’t run the same mistake and get a gist of the preceding texts before jumping to conclusions. We know that cheating spouse text message codes generate a lot of anxiety but there’s no way to take back the harsh words once they are out there.

3. How do cheaters communicate? Age/Location/Sex

You can catch a cheating spouse with text messages if they’ve used the A/L/S code. When in a new city, people often ask for some quick info on decoy apps for cheaters. They want to know if somebody is available to meet up and what they’re like. Age/Location/Sex is a good format to connect with others or know acquaintances better.

A variation of A/L/S is A/L/S/P. The P stands for picture and the two individuals send a snapshot of themselves. Determining sexual compatibility in the virtual world is made slightly easier through such communication formats. As you can see, the A/L/S code is super shady.

There can’t be a plausible explanation for it outside a cheating scenario. Don’t fall for any cover-ups when your spouse is clearly relying on the phrases cheaters use. It’s definitely one of the hush-hush ways to communicate with the person they are having an affair with. After all, if this is not an example of cheating text messages, why would you need to know someone’s age, sex, or picture randomly?

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4. NSFS or NSFP – Predictive text cheating

Sexting, sending nudes, cybersex, etc. are all successors to cheating spouse text message codes like NSFS. We know what you’re thinking, how do cheaters communicate through it and what does it mean? NSFS/P stands for Not Suitable For Spouse/Partner. If there’s a saucy text incoming, this code acts as a disclaimer. After reading this text, your spouse will make sure that they don’t open any pictures or chat around you. 

You see, your spouse knows that this is how most affairs are discovered. They don’t want you stumbling upon the nudes of a stranger. Hence, NSFS acts as a preventative measure. If you happen to come across this code, it is a dead giveaway of a cheating spouse. Don’t look for tech clues that can help find cheating husband or wife anymore because this is the ultimate evidence they’re sexually involved with another person, be it virtual or IRL. There is no way they would be able to explain it away as something innocent. 

5. Staycation 

Call us crazy but this code already reeks of infidelity. A staycation is a getaway (from the relationship) with the cheating buddy. Maybe your spouse told you that they’re going away for business. Or maybe they claimed they were visiting family. But you chanced upon a chat where they used the term ‘staycation’. Now your antenna is receiving signals…of infidelity. 

A staycation is a betrayal on many levels. There’s the physical aspect, of course, but taking a trip or staying over at someone’s place also suggests emotional involvement. There’s probably some financial infidelity too. If your partner has been frequently disappearing for periods of time, they’ve been on staycations. It’s quite unfortunate that you have to find this out through such cheating spouse text message codes. 

Extra marital affair

6. The first coming  

Try as we might, we can’t shield you from the grossness of such phrases cheaters use. The first coming refers to the first orgasm experienced by one of the parties in the affair. Ugh, yes. UGH. If your spouse is discussing their sex life on decoy apps for cheaters, you should really reconsider the relationship you share with them. This code is is a sure-shot sign of a purely sexual affair.

Chances are, you’ll come across this code in a conversation that appears innocent at first glance. But you will swiftly realize that it carries strong sexual undertones. It’s awful that people catch a cheating wife or husband with text messages like these, disgusting as they are. When you confront your significant other, be certain to receive a half-baked explanation.

7. Time and location – Cheating spouse text message codes

Up next, we have something that doesn’t strictly fall under the category of phrases cheaters use. If your spouse has exchanged a series of totally random texts, they’re using the time and location code. Look at this sample text: “9:00 a.m./301, Bayview”. The time and hotel room are a meetup plan for the duo. Without getting into anything sappy (or dirty), they’re coming straight to the point and deciding things for when they meet IRL.

Now while this is predictive text cheating, it is quite easy to pass off as something trivial. Your spouse might say it’s a meeting and you wouldn’t be able to challenge their assertion. After all, it’s just a time and location, right? In this situation, what can you do? When you are faced with these incriminating messages, what should be your plan of action? Here are a few quick tips…

Quick Tips – What To Do When You Catch A Cheating Spouse With Text Messages?

The hunt for cheating clues begins with a lot of drive but people are left speechless when they actually discover the hard proof. We understand it is next to impossible to come out unscathed as a couple, after you catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp or get a hang of other sneaky ways cheaters go for. So, what can be done when you come across cheating spouse text message codes? Here are a few quick tips to help you combat the situation:

  • Think rationally: It’s easy to think of the most scandalous scenario in your head. Hold your creative horses and look at things for what they are. Do you have enough proof to suspect your spouse of cheating? If not, don’t make drastic choices. Look for the other signs of cheating along with the cheating text messages you just unveiled before you act on your thoughts
  • Communicate: This is the soundest course to pursue. Honest and open communication can be highly beneficial to your case. You might find out that there’s more to the affair than meets the eye. Maybe there is no affair at all and you’ve misread the situation. Or maybe your spouse has a different perspective to offer. We strongly recommend a straightforward approach in cases of infidelity in the marriage
  • Seek professional help: If your spouse admits to the affair, rebuilding trust will be extremely challenging. It is wise to opt for couple’s therapy and resolve the problem under a mental health expert’s guidance. At Bonobology, we offer professional help through our panel of licensed counselors and therapists. Many marriages have emerged stronger in the aftermath of an affair by reaching out and seeking aid. You can count on us
  • Make a decision: Infidelity shakes the foundation of a relationship and makes one see things in a different light. If separation is on your mind, weigh the pros and cons objectively. Think if your spouse deserves a second chance. Are they willing to put in the work for the relationship after cheating? Or will divorce be better in the long run? When you get text messages from a cheating spouse, make a decision about the relationship’s future

And just like that, we’ve come to the end of our sojourn. We hope that our list of cheating spouse text message codes helped you analyze your situation better. May you never come across these phrases cheaters use. We wish you a healthy and happy marriage.

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