Married Romance

There’s nothing more beautiful than romance in a marriage. Some couples can keep exchanging flowers and say sweet nothings even years after they have tied the knot. How do they do that? You might wonder.

It is said that romance often wanes in marriage although love becomes stronger. But how to keep the romance alive? From tricks and tips on staying romantic in marriage to real-life confession stories of couples on their married romance, this section of Bonobology> is an absolute treat.

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funny wedding toasts

41 Funny Wedding Toasts That’ll Leave Everyone Laughing

Weddings are a celebration of love, unity, and the occasional awkward dance move. While heartfelt toasts are always appreciated, injecting a dose of humor into the mix can turn an ordinary reception into an unforgettable comedy show. In this article, we’ll explore the art of crafting funny wedding toasts that will not only leave the bride and groom in stitches but have the entire room roaring with laughter.

wedding vows for her

Wedding Vows For Her – 100 Examples To Inspire You

Wedding vows are the cornerstone of your wedding planning and the very soul of your big day. They are the heartfelt promises you share with your life partner, in goodness and health, in times good and bad. They give the relationship strength and are a constant reminder of how much you mean to one another. We bring to you, through this article a beautiful compilation of wedding vows all set to enthrall you on your journey to your happily ever after!