Just for Fun

What is life without some fun and masti? A relationship is anyway dead if there isn’t a fun element in it. Fun and Masti in relationships as the words denote stand for simple fun and enjoyment.

To have some fun and masti in relationships you don’t need to pay through your nose to hit a waterpark or buy tickets to a dance night. You can just get together with friends and have fun. Talking to friends can be fun, just shaking a leg at home to loud music can be masti and packing some homemade sandwiches to a surprise picnic can be enjoyed.

In this section Bonobology harps on the simple things that can give you joy in life. It could be a simple day out with the girls or just browsing through some hilarious illustrations that would make you go into peals. We are here to make your life full of fun and masti just go through our tips and put your hair down.

Am i capable of love Quiz

Am I Capable Of Love? Quiz

Have you ever gazed at a couple holding hands, a flicker of envy sparking in your chest? Or does the thought of someone holding your hand leave you feeling nervous and worried about independence? Perhaps somewhere in between, you’re tangled in a web of conflicting desires – yearning for connection while guarding your heart like …

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Is My Boyfriend a Misogynist Quiz

Is My Boyfriend a Misogynist? Quiz

Remember that first coffee date, the butterflies, the shared dreams? Now, fast forward. The jokes that hurt, the constant unsolicited advice, the backhanded compliments that chip away at your confidence. That spark you felt at the start, it’s flickering. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many women grapple with the question: “Is he a misogynist?” It’s …

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Will i ever find love ? quiz

Will I ever find love? Quiz

Ever feel like navigating the world of love is like deciphering an ancient map? Do questions like “Do I like someone?” or “Will I ever find true love?” dance in your head like fireflies on a summer night? Well, we’ve got you covered! Dhriti Bhavsar, an experienced relationship counsellor has whipped up a quick and …

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Am I Ready To Date? Quiz

Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of romance and possibly date for the first time? Love is in the air, and building fulfilling relationships can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re a teenager navigating the early stages of love or someone considering serious dating, responsible dating is key. Our “Am …

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Is he playing me? Quiz

Is He Playing Me? Quiz

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re texting a guy, and it’s like you’re playing detective with his emojis, trying to crack the code of what he’s really feeling? In today’s world, meeting new people is a breeze, thanks to all those swipes and clicks. But here’s the catch—it’s also become kind of tricky. …

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Do I Need Marriage Counseling? Quiz

Do I Need Marriage Counseling? Quiz

You and your partner used to be inseparable, sharing laughter, dreams, and countless memories. However, lately, the once-solid foundation of your relationship seems to be crumbling. Perhaps you find yourselves entangled in heated arguments, struggling with a pervasive emotional disconnect, or facing challenges related to intimacy and trust. If this scenario strikes a chord with …

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