The end of a marriage is among the most painful crossroads you can find yourself at. As more and more realize that there is no wisdom in sacrificing themselves at the altar of unfulfilling, unhappy, loveless, and worst of all, abusive marriages, divorce rates have seen an upward tick globally. However, just because it is more prevalent and less stigmatized doesn’t make it any easier to navigate the emotional, logistical, and legal ramifications of divorce.

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predictors of divorce

7 Predictors Of Divorce You Should Be Aware Of

People can usually sense unhappiness in their marriage, which can make them question if they want to stay committed in that relationship. Therefore, looking for predictors of divorce can help you make an informed decision about the future of your marriage. here are seven predictors of divorce that you ideally should pay attention to so that you can not just seize control of your marriage but also make decisions on doing what’s best for you and your relationship.