Office Affairs

How office affairs take off? This is something that no one can really answer but in a survey conducted in Britain, 55 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men, who had engaged in an office romance said it had been sparked by Xs which means “kisses” in messages.

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signs a male coworker likes you

15 Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You

It is not unusual to feel attracted to members of the opposite sex, given the time you spend in an office. Have you been wondering if a male colleague is attracted to you? Do you feel that a male co-worker likes you? Are you here because you want to know what signs indicate a male co-worker is into you? Let’s find out all you need to know

how to ask a coworker out

13 Respectful Ways To Ask A Coworker For A Date

Office romances may seem clichéd to some, but they are quite common. It is common to feel warmth for someone when you spend practically all of your time with them. So do you want to go on a date with your coworker? Are you wondering how to ask a colleague out? If they say yes, would it only be a passing fling?

Work crush

Dealing With A Crush At Work – How To Handle A Crush On A Coworker

Is this the start of something new? Or is it something that’s going to get you demoted? Navigating the murky waters of developing feelings for a coworker can often leave you perplexed. Let’s take a look at what you need to do, so you don’t end up getting a letter from HR about being unprofessional.

What To Do When A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

What To Do When A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband At Work

You might’ve heard about it happening to friends or seen it in the movies, but if you’ve had reason to believe that this may be happening to you, you’re probably already worried about the worst-case scenario. To know whether another woman is after your man or not, here are 8 signs a woman is flirting with your husband at work.